THE CASE OF THE RUNAWAY CORPSE- Used Book- Erle Stanley Gardner


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Pages :196
Publisher : Mastermind Books
Binding PB

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Her husband was stealing her money, while accusing her of a plot to poison him – or so claims the frightened young Mrs. Myrna Davenport. She wants Perry Mason to find the incriminating note her husband left for the authorities accusing her of murder – especially now that Davenport is dying.

Perry finds the envelope, but it’s filled with blank paper. Then Davenport does die, or so everyone thinks until his alleged corpse climbs out a window and drives away-straight into a prepared open grave in another country.

With Davenport finally dead, Perry could become a possible accessory to murder. And thought the victim died twice, Perry gets only one clear shot at saving his client – and himself.


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