Reduced price! ELEVEN STARS in the Firmament

ELEVEN STARS in the Firmament



"..... the fragrance of his soul has reached the feet of the Divine is flooding all around him and the divine has taken responsibility for him. In my opinion, he is bound to do many things unconventional and suffer for it. But this suffering will be tapasya for a Unique Ancient Path in a New Garb..." 

Pandit Jagadish Chandra Chatterji, a doyen of modern kashmir Shaivism in 1938

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This is the spiritual autobiography of Rana Ramachandra Sinhji(Sadananda in yogic circles).  Inspite of growing up in the splendour and pomp of the royal families of Mysore State, Gondal State and Cooch Behar, he kept his fire of adventure and spiritual aspiration alive from a young age. In his tumultuous life of 78 years he served Eleven Great Spiritual Masters....

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